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Maximize Your Investment with Efficient Residential Property Management. Unlock unparalleled efficiency and cost savings in managing your residential properties with Pickspace. Our platform is designed to streamline every aspect of property management, from tenant communication to financial transactions, ensuring your operations are as smooth as possible.

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Automate Rent Collection

Are you tired of the hassle and time it takes to chase down rent and late fees?

Experience unparalleled convenience and reliability in rent collection with Pickspace. This feature not only streamlines the payment process for tenants, offering them the flexibility of multiple payment methods, but also significantly boosts your operational efficiency. By automating reminders and tracking rent payments, you elevate your financial oversight, ensuring a stable and enhanced cash flow. This automation positions you as a tech-forward landlord or property manager, setting new standards in property management and enhancing the satisfaction and loyalty of your tenants.


  • Direct Payment Options: Offer tenants convenient, flexible payment methods.
  • Automated Reminders: Send timely reminders to ensure on-time payments.
  • Rent Tracking: Easily monitor paid and overdue rent, keeping your finances in check.

Marketing & Leasing Efficiency

Struggling to keep your properties occupied with quality tenants?

Leverage Pickspace’s advanced marketing and leasing tools to not only increase your property’s visibility but also attract the ideal tenants swiftly. This efficiency not only elevates your property’s appeal but also significantly cuts down the vacancy time, directly contributing to your revenue stream and operational success. By optimizing the leasing process, you position yourself as a premier choice for quality tenants, enhancing your reputation in the competitive property market.

  • Targeted Advertising: Utilize our platform to reach potential tenants effectively.
  • Streamlined Applications: Make the application process a breeze for prospects.
  • Quick Lease Turnaround: Reduce vacancy periods with efficient leasing workflows.

CRM for Personalized Tenant Relationships

Overwhelmed by managing tenant inquiries and maintaining relationships?

Transform how you manage tenant relationships with Pickspace’s CRM integration. This tool not only centralize your communications, making management more straightforward but also significantly enhances tenant satisfaction by ensuring they feel heard and valued. Strengthen your community and build lasting relationships, reinforcing your reputation as a responsive and caring property manager.

  • Manage new leads: Easily manage and organize incoming leads.
  • Responsive Support: Quickly address inquiries and issues to keep tenants happy.
  • Engagement Tools: Proactively engage with tenants to build a sense of community.

Smart Contracts for Secure, Hassle-Free Agreements

Dreading the paperwork and legal intricacies of lease agreements?

Embrace the future of lease agreements with Pickspace’s smart contracts. This feature streamlines the creation and management of leases, offering a secure and efficient process that cuts down on paperwork and legal fees. By adopting smart contracts, you demonstrate your commitment to innovation, enhancing your operational efficiency and setting a high standard for security and convenience in property management.


  • Digital Signing: Facilitate secure, legally binding e-signatures.
  • Automated Compliance: Keep your contracts up-to-date with the latest regulations.
  • Efficiency Gains: Streamline the leasing process, from negotiation to renewal.

Work Order Management and Automation for Maintenance Peace of Mind

Overwhelmed by the avalanche of maintenance tasks and service calls?

Streamline your maintenance processes with Pickspace, ensuring swift, efficient handling of tenant requests. This feature not only assigns work orders instantly to the appropriate vendors but also offers real-time updates, enhancing communication between you, your tenants, and service providers. Automating these processes reduces the time and effort spent on maintenance management, elevates your operational efficiency, and significantly improves tenant satisfaction by maintaining high standards of living conditions.


  • Automated Assignments: Instantly assign work orders to the right vendors.
  • Real-Time Updates: Keep all parties informed with status updates and completion notices.
  • Maintenance Tracking: Oversee all maintenance activities in one dashboard.

Inspections for Property Integrity

Anxious about maintaining your properties to the highest standards and avoiding costly repairs?

Pickspace’s inspection feature ensures your properties are always in top condition, reflecting high standards of living. Schedule inspections effortlessly, document conditions accurately, and address issues proactively. This meticulous approach to property maintenance not only preserves the value of your assets but also reassures tenants about their living environment, enhancing their satisfaction and trust in your management.


  • Scheduled Inspections: Automate the planning of routine and ad-hoc inspections.
  • Detailed Reporting: Capture and report on inspection findings with comprehensive tools.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Identify and resolve issues early to save on future repair costs.

Tenant Screening for Peace of Mind

Nervous about the prospect of unreliable tenants and the potential headaches they bring?

Enhance your tenant acquisition process with Pickspace’s comprehensive screening feature. By conducting thorough background, credit, and rental history checks, you ensure that only the most reliable and suitable tenants occupy your properties. This careful selection process not only mitigates potential risks but also contributes to a harmonious community, elevating the reputation of your properties and ensuring a stable, reliable tenant base.

  • Comprehensive Background Checks: Dive deep into applicants’ backgrounds to assess their reliability and suitability.
  • Credit Assessments: Evaluate financial stability and responsibility with detailed credit reports.
  • Rental History Verification: Confirm previous rental behavior to predict future tenancy conduct.

Tracking Operations for Full Visibility

Struggling to keep a finger on the pulse of your property management activities?

With Pickspace, gain a comprehensive overview of your property management activities. This feature provides real-time insights into all aspects of operations, from tenant move-ins and move-outs to maintenance tasks. Enhanced visibility allows for better decision-making, streamlined operations, and improved efficiency, positioning you as a strategic and proactive property manager.

  • Comprehensive Dashboards: Monitor all your property management metrics in one place.
  • Activity Logs: Keep a detailed record of operations to analyze trends and improve processes.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Stay on top of important tasks with customizable alerts.

Mobile Apps for Management on the Go

Need the freedom to manage your properties without being chained to your desk?

Manage your properties with unmatched flexibility using Pickspace’s mobile app. This essential tool keeps you connected to your operations at all times, offering instant access to management features from anywhere. The ability to manage your portfolio on the go not only enhances your responsiveness but also demonstrates your commitment to modern, efficient property management.


  • Remote Management: Operate your entire property portfolio from anywhere.
  • Instant Notifications: Receive real-time updates on important events and tasks.

White-Label: You can now completely brand the Mobile-App with your Logo.

Premium Integrations for Enhanced Capability

Searching for a seamless way to integrate all your property management tools?

Elevate your property management with Pickspace’s premium integrations. Seamlessly connect to leading accounting, utility management, and other software solutions to create a cohesive management ecosystem. These integrations not only streamline workflows but also enhance your operational capabilities, allowing for better data synchronization and custom solutions tailored to your unique needs. By leveraging these advanced tools, you position yourself at the forefront of property management technology, offering unmatched efficiency and capability in your operations.


  • Seamless Software Integration: Connect Pickspace with your favorite tools effortlessly.
  • Data Synchronization: Ensure consistent and accurate data across all your platforms.

Custom Solutions: Tailor integrations to fit your unique business requirements.

Bulk Actions & Role-Based Users for Efficient Management

Stressed by the complexity of managing multiple properties and user permissions?

Maximize your management efficiency with Pickspace’s bulk actions and role-based users feature. Perform widespread tasks with a few clicks and customize access based on team roles, ensuring the right balance between efficiency and security. This capability not only streamlines your operations but also enhances your team’s productivity, allowing for a more strategic allocation of resources and a higher level of data protection.


  • Streamline Operations: Execute widespread tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Custom Access Levels: Tailor platform access based on team roles and responsibilities.
  • Enhanced Security: Keep sensitive information secure with controlled user permissions.

Custom Form Creation for Tailored Processes

Desperate for a simpler way to gather the exact information you need from tenants and staff?

Pickspace’s custom form creation tool offers unparalleled flexibility in gathering necessary information from tenants, vendors, and staff. Design forms that meet your specific requirements, ensuring efficient data collection and integration into your workflows. This feature not only simplifies information gathering but also enhances your operational processes, allowing for a more personalized and effective management approach.

  • Flexible Form Design: Easily design forms to match your specific requirements.
  • Streamlined Data Collection: Collect information efficiently in a format that suits you.
  • Automated Workflow Integration: Incorporate forms into your workflows for seamless operations.

Enhanced Support & Live Customer Success Guidance

Tired of support being unreachable and not understanding what you need when you finally get in touch with them?

With Pickspace, you gain access to 24/7 support, ensuring expert advice and assistance is always just a call or click away. This around-the-clock support not only swiftly resolves technical issues but also offers strategic insights tailored to your unique property management challenges. Elevate your experience with dedicated, understanding support that helps you maximize the benefits of the Pickspace platform and achieve your property management goals.


  • Dedicated Support: Access our knowledgeable support team for any queries or concerns.
  • Proactive Success Planning: Work with our customer success managers to maximize your platform benefits.
  • Continuous Learning: Benefit from our resources, webinars, and tutorials to keep improving.

Dedicated Customer Success Management for Personalized Assistance

Wishing for dedicated guidance to navigate the challenges of property management efficiently?

With Pickspace, you receive personalized support tailored to your business’s unique needs. Your dedicated customer success manager ensures that you have all the tools and guidance necessary to optimize your use of Pickspace, from onboarding to ongoing operations. This level of personalized assistance not only enhances your ability to manage your properties effectively but also ensures that you are always positioned for success in the dynamic world of property management.


  • One-on-One Support: Enjoy personalized assistance tailored to your portfolio’s needs.
  • Strategic Advice: Receive expert guidance to optimize your use of Pickspace features.
  • Custom Solutions: Work together to find custom solutions that address your specific challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I reduce the time spent on rent collection and improve cash flow?

Pickspace automates the rent collection process, allowing tenants to pay online through various methods like credit card, ACH, and direct bank transfers. Automated reminders ensure timely payments, improving your cash flow and reducing the time you spend chasing down rent.

Managing maintenance requests is overwhelming. How can Pickspace help?

Our platform streamlines maintenance management by allowing tenants to submit requests online, which are then automatically forwarded to the appropriate vendor or maintenance staff. You can track progress in real time, ensuring issues are resolved promptly, reducing tenant complaints, and saving you from the logistical nightmare of manual tracking.

How can I keep my properties occupied with reliable tenants?

Pickspace offers comprehensive marketing and leasing tools, including tenant screening services that check for credit history, criminal background, and rental history, helping you find and retain reliable tenants. Our platform also streamlines the leasing process, making it quicker and easier to fill vacancies.

My property management expenses are too high. Can Pickspace make my operations more cost-effective?

Absolutely. By automating various property management tasks, Pickspace reduces the need for manual labor and minimizes errors. This efficiency not only saves time but also significantly cuts operational costs, from administrative expenses to vendor management.

How can I better communicate with my tenants and improve satisfaction?

Pickspace includes integrated communication tools that facilitate easy and effective communication with tenants. From announcements and notifications to direct messaging, our platform ensures that you can keep your tenants informed and engaged, improving overall satisfaction.

I'm concerned about the security and privacy of my property management data. How secure is Pickspace?

Security is a top priority for us. Pickspace uses advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your data and your tenants' information. Regular security audits and compliance with industry standards ensure your data is secure and private.

Can Pickspace help me manage the financial aspects of my properties more effectively?

Yes, Pickspace offers comprehensive financial management tools, including automated billing, expense tracking, and detailed financial reporting. This allows you to monitor your properties' financial performance easily and make informed decisions to enhance profitability.

How can I manage properties across different locations efficiently?

With Pickspace, you can manage multiple properties across various locations from a single dashboard. Our cloud-based platform provides real-time access to all your property data, whether you're in the office or on the go, enabling you to oversee your entire portfolio efficiently.