Commercial Real Estate Property Management Software

Managing commercial properties can be overwhelming. So much to do, so little time. This is why Pickspace is designed to help commercial property managers work more efficiently, generate more profit, and frequently increase the value of their assets.
No matter which kind of units you manage and how many there are, Pickspace software provides the ultimate "All-in-one" solution that simply has it all. From budget planning to all the customised reports you might need, as well as round-the-clock human customer support.

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Pickspace Manages All Operations For Various Commercial Real Estate Property Types:

Residential Property management
Office Buildings
Commercial Property management
Shopping Centers
Retail & Malls
Coworking & Parking parks

With Pickspace, you can easily manage your properties from anywhere, at any time.

Our App allows you to market vacant units, screen tenants, collect rent, pay vendors, create customised reports, manage tenants and their requests, and set reminders all with the click of a button. ​

Managing commercial real estate assets can be a lot to juggle, so we made sure that everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips.

We’ve created automated processes that help you simplify and make commercial real estate management as simple and effective as possible:​
Downsize administrative and back office work
Control billing and collection
Get real time financial reports
Be on top of all maintenance requests on time
Get White label app
Create a pumping community for your tenants

Working With Pickspace Gets You All the Advantages of Commercial Real Estate Software

Revolutionize Your Commercial Property Management Business

Integrate Pickspace in 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial real estate software is designed to help property management companies and owners to manage their rental properties more efficiently by automating operations processes. These processes include: tracking repairs, occupancy numbers, availability of units for rent, billing and rent collection, amenity management, communication between tenants and management and issue reports.

Commercial real estate software is mostly needed by commercial real estate managers who want to work more efficiently, generate more profit and frequently increase the value of their assets.

Different companies have different priorities when it comes to picking software . However, there are a few key points commercial property managers should take into account when choosing a commercial property management platform. Trying to find the right package when there are so many options available can be exhausting, so make sure you include these key points in your search to narrow down the options.

  • Commercial property focused
  • A full-solution that can manage all activities
  • Cloud-based
  • Easily integrated with existing software
  • Provides fast training or onboarding for new hires
  • Offers a wide range of customized reports
  • Provides a 24/7 human customer support
  • Allows for effective communication between the property manager, tenants, vendors and landlord

When managing your commercial real estate with  commercial real estate software, it’s much easier to deal with the enormous amount of tasks required to manage a property to a high standard. With the right commercial real estate software, you can automate many time consuming processes, save time, easily get reports on various verticals of the property and increase both landlord and tenant satisfaction.
You can also make the most out of vacant spaces and amenities in the property or even across different properties under your management, which increases revenue.

There are many commercial  property management software options available, The software of your choice should address all of the challenges that led you to look for a solution. Whether it's an upgrade from an existing rental management software package, or the first time you’re looking to centralize all the different management tasks under one roof, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and convenience are the most important features of them all.