Pickspace Core Values


Having a strong ethical standard for the company as well as everyone representing it is a priority.

Diversity and Inclusion

Organizations succeed when people from diverse backgrounds and experiences work together to create an inclusive environment where everyone has the same opportunities.


In a competitive business environment where privacy is key, we are dedicated to providing a privacy-first motto. What does this mean to our end-users and clients? Your data is in safe hands and we take measures to ensure this.


It's more than just a good policy. Honesty and transparency are core business practices that earn the respect of colleagues, clients, and the public.

Deliver Results

How do we plan to become the ultimate solution? By delivering. Everyday our team is dedicated to delivering their best. This creates the most efficient workflow and allows us to deliver to our clients and meet their needs.


We put quality over quantity and believe that when things are done “the right way” it leads to happier clients and happier teams. We are incredibly passionate about our business, offering first-rate customer service, and getting the best tool for our clients.


Clients are the motor of the business. That’s why we listen to their needs and work hard to have all their needs met. If it’s a quick question, we’ll be there. If it requires a longer meeting, rest assured we’ll be there for our clients.


To enjoy not only what we do, but also the people around us, so that we are all free to be smart, innovative, and creative.

Think Big

We have one goal: become the ultimate solution for property management needs. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a solution that is here to stay.

Focus on Impact

What are we doing to have an impact? Providing an accessible, easy to use solution that is driven by our clients and dedicated team. Built by property managers, for property managers. We know the struggles and strive in creating the perfect solution for all.