Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Make the best decision for your business and see if
we're the right fit. Contact us for more questions.

Make the best decision for your business and see if
we're the right fit. Contact us for more questions.

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What is Pickspace and who is it for?

Pickspace is a comprehensive cloud-based property management software designed for various property types, including residential, commercial, coworking spaces, and malls. It offers features like automation, customization, integration with tools like QuickBooks and Google Calendar, and efficient reporting. The software is suitable for property managers seeking to streamline their operations, improve tenant satisfaction, and enhance overall management efficiency.

What properties can I manage?

With Pickspace, you can manage a variety of property types including residential properties, commercial spaces, coworking spaces, and malls. The software is designed to cater to the needs of different kinds of property management, providing tools and features that are adaptable to various scenarios. Whether you're handling apartment complexes, office buildings, shared workspaces, or retail centers, Pickspace offers solutions to streamline management processes and enhance efficiency.

What are the most popular features?

The most popular features of Pickspace include its automation capabilities that streamline repetitive tasks, customization options to tailor the software to specific needs, extensive integration with other tools like QuickBooks and Google Calendar, and efficient reporting tools for better management insight. Additionally, Pickspace offers white-label apps for a personalized experience and emphasizes rapid response customer support to assist users effectively. These features are designed to enhance property management efficiency and tenant satisfaction across various property types.

Why should I choose you over other programs?

Choosing Pickspace over other programs could be beneficial due to its comprehensive customization options, automation of repetitive tasks, and efficient integration with other tools like QuickBooks and Google Calendar. Additionally, its rapid customer support, quick implementation, and training for new employees can provide an enhanced user experience. These features are tailored to make property management more efficient and tenant-friendly, appealing to a range of property managers.

What if I already use a property management software?

If you already use a property management software, switching to Pickspace could still be advantageous due to its enhanced customization, efficient integration with other tools, and automation of routine tasks. Additionally, Pickspace's customer support and training for new employees can facilitate a smooth transition. The decision to switch would depend on how Pickspace's features compare to your current software and whether it better meets your specific management needs.

What will the competition say about Pickspace?

Pickspace embraces competition, seeing it as a catalyst for improvement. They respond to potential criticisms from competitors: Longevity: Despite being newer, Pickspace has a strong foundation and substantial investment, ensuring its longevity in the market. Innovation: Pickspace highlights the importance of modern technology over older systems, drawing parallels to how outdated tech can become inefficient. Size: The company believes that being smaller allows for more innovation and personalized customer care. Endorsements: Pickspace focuses on reinvesting in their product rather than spending on endorsements. Security: With a history of building secure software, Pickspace encourages users to review their security measures.

Can I use Pickspace from my phone?

Yes, you can use Pickspace from your phone. Pickspace offers mobile-friendly capabilities, allowing you to manage your properties conveniently from a smartphone. Pickspace offers dedicated iPhone, iPad, and Android apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These apps provide the convenience of accessing almost every feature and screen available on the desktop version, right from your mobile device. This allows for efficient remote property management from anywhere in the world.

What is the process to get started?

To get started with Pickspace, you typically need to sign up for an account on their website. To Get Started:
  1. Schedule a demo.
  2. If you’re using another software, import all your data into Pickspace with our dedicated migration team.
  3. Complete a 1-hour basic training.
  4. Add all your properties, units, tenants, and lease expirations.
  5. Email your tenants the link to their new tenant portal for payments, maintenance requests, and messages.
  6. Enable the owner portal for financial reports.

If I use Excel, Word, Outlook & Dropbox, will it help?

Pickspace offers a comprehensive solution that combines the functionalities of Excel, Word, Outlook, and Dropbox into one platform. This integration allows for efficient management of property-related tasks, such as document creation, tracking maintenance requests, rent payments, and more, through automated features and reminders. By streamlining these processes, Pickspace aims to reduce workload and increase efficiency, making it an ideal tool for property managers and real estate owners.

How does Pickspace reduce turnover?

At Pickspace, we understand the importance of reducing tenant turnover. Our software enhances tenant satisfaction by providing an easy-to-use portal for rent payments and maintenance requests, ensuring quick and effective communication. By streamlining property management tasks, we help managers respond faster to tenant needs, leading to a more positive rental experience. This focus on tenant satisfaction is key in reducing turnover, helping you maintain a stable, profitable property portfolio.

How much training will I need?

Pickspace is user-friendly, usually requiring minimal training. We recommend 1-2 virtual training sessions, each an hour long, for best practices. Additional support includes live virtual training on Zoom, tutorial videos, help center articles, and more. Our comprehensive support means you won’t need to train your team on the software; we handle that for you, ensuring ease of use and efficient onboarding.

What are your prices?

At Pickspace, we discuss our pricing after a personalized demo, with the cost structured on a per-unit basis. This approach ensures our pricing plan is customized to your specific property management needs, providing you with the most value and efficiency.