Coworking space management software

Coworking space management software is a tricky software to choose as there are many options on the market. To make the right call for your business, the first thing you must decide is who you are choosing the solution for: managers or tenants. Some workplace management softwares focus on paperwork automation, while others focus on space planning, optimizing member experience and so on.
Pickspace is an all in one coworking space software, designed to help property managers to maximize space use on every level, improve tenant satisfaction and generate more profit.

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In the post pandemic times, when people got used to working remotely and now prefer coworking spaces over regular offices, it's highly important to attend to both tenants and owners needs, in order to provide the best renting experience as well as handsome profits.
To do so, coworking space managers tend to use several different managing tools that do not always integrate and make the managing process complex and time consuming.
Pickspace easily integrates with most existing managing tools as well as accounting softwares.

With Pickspace’s white label App you can seamlessly manage all aspects of your coworking spaces under your brand.

Billing and rent collection
Integration with Quickbooks
Meeting rooms scheduling
Seat and desk booking
Packaging management system
White label app
Business Reports on demand
Member App and portal
Vacancy reports and auto marketing
Auto marketing available offices and desks
Billing and rent collection
Integration with Quickbooks
Meeting rooms scheduling
Packaging management system
Member App and portal
Vacancy reports and auto marketing
White label app
Business Reports on demand
Auto marketing available offices and desks
Seat and desk booking
A coworking space management tool takes a lot of work off your hands and helps you focus on the important thing: growing the space’s community and maximizing profitability. Choosing the right solution is essential for the success of your flexible workspace. For this reason, you must look for a coworking space management software which provides an intuitive and simple interface that automates as many tasks as possible and really saves you time and effort.

Pickspace offers all the advantages of a coworking space software and then some

Increase productivity by having all data in one place
Interactive members dashboards
No need to bounce around between different softwares. We integrate with the best of them out there.
Label the software under your brand with our white label options
Mobile, Cloud based App that allows you to work from anywhere
Grow and engage the community
Increase profitability by Maximizing space and amenity rentals
Short onboarding process for new hires including training

Revolutionize your rental property management business

Integrate Pickspace in 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the key elements to consider when managing a coworking space, is how much it can contribute to space planning and amenity allocation.
Office space planning in a coworking space involves understanding how tenants want to use the space and accommodating the floor and amenities to their needs, from booking meeting rooms to different officrom layout and lighting to seating setups and meeting rooms. The result: less wasted office space, hoher profit of shared spaces, a more pleasant and responsive work environment and increased tenant satisfaction.

Coworking space management software is a managing tool which combines all the critical variables of managing a coworking space into one accessible and easy to use platform.

Coworking space management software serves both coworking space managers and tenants. Managers enjoy a software which helps them to optimize the floor plan and save time, while tenants get an easy and effective way to receive services in the coworking space.

Different coworking spaces have different preferences when it comes to picking software . However, there are a few key points coworking space managers should take into account when choosing a coworking space management platform. Make sure to include these key features in your search to narrow down the options:
* White label App
* Cloud based solution

* Integration to Quickbooks

*Meeting rooms scheduling
*Front desk concierge and members help desk
*Occupancy dashboard

*Member and Community portal

*Reports for confirming

*Desks available report

*Occupation report
*24/7 support

*Auto marketing available offices and desks

*Business Reports on demand

  • White label app
  • Meeting room booking through app
  • Integration with quickbooks, zero and other accounting software
  • Tender managements and book
  • Online payments
  • Payment reminders
  • Managing of mail parcels
  • Maintenance request management

When choosing a coworking space management software there is definitely no such thing as ‘One size fits all’. The right tool for your workspace depends on your business model, your staff and tenant’s preferences as well as your business goals. It’s essential to spend some time and decide which features will be most valuable to your coworking space and will help you to increase revenue as well as improve productivity in managing the coworking space.