Fall Maintenance Tips – How to Maintain Rental Property?

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Fall comes with a chill in the air and leaves changing their color. What is inevitable when the fall comes? Fall maintenance! Falling leaves can readily clog gutters, causing water damage to the home and its surroundings.

On the other hand, seasonal changes provide the ideal opportunity for preventative maintenance and a chance to check-in and confirm that all-important systems are working correctly. Taking the time to maintain the rental property regularly will help them avoid severe breakdowns in the future. When it comes to Fall maintenance, both landlords and tenants must ensure that the property runs smoothly.

Join us as they go through some of the most frequent Fall maintenance activities, as well as who is responsible for what.

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Rental Property Maintenance Tips for Fall Seasons

With the changing seasons, the rental property faces new risks of damage or failure. As a result, a little Fall upkeep goes a long way. The Fall and Winter months in the Northeast offer unpredictable weather, which increases the risk of frozen pipes and storm damage. So, look at a few of the most popular property maintenance guides for the fall listed below.

Landlords' Interior Rental Maintenance Tasks

  • Maintaining Safety – Landlords and tenants both value security. As winter approaches, now are the time to double-check that the door and window locks are working correctly, and these devices might quickly seize, or jam as the weather becomes cooler. Thus, a little WD-40 and a visual assessment for excessive wear can assure that the locks will keep the property secure throughout the season.
  • Avoid Drafts – Even tiny cracks can allow chilly air to enter the home, increasing energy expenditures. Instead, look for any gaps in the property’s doors, windows, basement, and attic that could be used to keep the elements out. Spray foam is an easy and quick way to keep out chilly air and pests, and rodents.
  • Check the Chimney and Fireplace — Fall is an excellent time to inspect a unit’s chimney, fireplace, flues, and vents, if appropriate. Have a qualified chimney sweep clean them once a year, and they can also warn of any future problems.
  • Ensure that the insurance policy is up to date – Storm damage or extended power outages are a possibility due to the unpredictability of fall and winter storms. This is an excellent time to check the insurance policy and coverage limitations as the seasons change to Fall. Consult a professional insurance agent if you don’t have enough coverage.

Tips for Maintaining Rental Properties Outside in the Fall

  • Landscaping and Trees – Storms, snow, and ice can cause branches to fall or break, posing a threat to the property or outbuildings. As a result, have any large trees inspected for potential problems and any broken or diseased limbs removed by a professional tree service. Trim back bushes and clear any leaf build-up from exterior drains as part of the fall maintenance.
  • Clean the Gutters — As leaves and debris fall from the trees, gutters can become clogged, accumulating water near the roof and walls. As a result, now is the time to clean out clogs and inspect the gutters for any damage or cracks. Repair or replace any damaged pieces if problems emerge.
  • Inspect the Roof — Just as vital as cleaning the gutters is clearing debris from the roof. Dead branches, for example, might harm roof tiles or conceal missing shingles, resulting in leaks. So, look for any symptoms of weakness, damage, or missing tiles on the roof and make necessary repairs.
  • Prepare for Snow Removal — The tenant may be liable for snow removal in some situations. If not, landlords must budget for snow removal services ahead of time. So, study and obtain these contracts; everything will be ready before the first snowflakes fall.


Maintaining rental properties is an unavoidable element of owning and managing them. While some organization and planning are required, preventative measures can go a long way toward preventing larger problems. With numerous property maintenance tasks for the fall season, the best way to keep these tasks organized is by investing in property management online software like Pickspace.

This software enables property management companies to develop efficient systems to make rental ownership the profitable and delightful experience it should be, thanks to industry expertise and unsurpassed devotion to client care.

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