5 Ways to Restore Tenants Trust in Commercial Office After Pandemic

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The Pandemic was a difficult and unexpected challenge for society. Not only did it affect millions of livelihoods, but it has also drastically impacted commercial offices. This new reality has therefore shifted the typical, in-person office work to remote working and WFH.

As COVID-19 cases are gradually decreasing, in contrast to the beginning of 2021, businesses of all types are now reevaluating their use of office space. As a result, the relationships between commercial landlords and tenants are now more important than ever.

Building trust will be a challenging, yet essential, role to play to improve the overall business revenue.

Provided below are five ways that can help strengthen this relationship between a landlord and tenant:

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Space Management Practice

Although space management was a considerable factor before the pandemic, it has now become vital for a landlord to remain updated on workplace details. The space management practice increases flexibility by enabling the property manager to know whether the employees at the office are working part-time or full-time, what percent of the members are working from home, what accommodations are needed for social distance, and other significant factors.

Suggested Safety Measures

Although the pandemic is seemingly coming to a close, it is still necessary to maintain basic safety measures. Examples of such measures could be providing hand sanitizers, incorporating touchless services, utilizing a smaller number of people at the office at particular times, and providing regular cleaning and maintenance. These steps, among others, can be taken while planning for the re-entry of employees.

Online Service

Since the beginning of the pandemic, online service has been on a steady rise and will likely continue to do so, even when life returns to “normal.” Hence, property managers can utilize an online service that allows them to receive payments. This enables managers to remain organized with payments, to keep track of the rental space, and to be notified of tenants’ requests or complaints. There are many commercial PMS in the market, and property managers should select the one that best aligns with their specific business.

Visitor Check

In addition to space management, keeping track of outside visitors that enter an office is another method to manage the number of people entering a given space. By no means is this attempting to invade the privacy of the tenants, rather it is aimed at keeping track of how many visitors stop by a commercial office in addition to the office workers.

Be Empathetic

The most important way to restore a tenant’s trust is to be empathetic. Because of COVID, everyone is struggling in their own way, hence it is important to be polite and kind to every tenant. Not only will this help landlords maintain a reputable image as a manager, but it will hopefully provide mental and emotional support to the tenants.

Final Word

The pandemic has taught the lesson that it is important to be prepared for any unexpected challenges. With the help of a property management tool, property managers can solve these difficulties in an efficient manner. Therefore, by boosting the tenant’s satisfaction, landlords can facilitate business operations to run smoothly and effectively.

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