Onsite Property Management

onsite property management

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Onsite property management is the most effective way to efficiently and professionally manage properties. When done properly, onsite managers will not only help increase revenue and profit, but also increase tenant retention rate as well as decrease evictions.

Let’s dive deeper into this topic and discuss why you should consider outsourcing at least part of your property management to an onsite manager, and how best to do so.

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What is Onsite Property Management?

Onsite property management means that a person or company is physically present at the property. The onsite manager will be responsible for all aspects of the property management process, including:

  • Maintenance and repair of common areas
  • 24/7 emergency response to tenant concerns
  • Community management
  • Screening tenants
  • Marketing vacant units
  • Updating reports and accounting records etc…

Why is Onsite Property Management Important?

On-site property management is a critical part of a smooth and professional operation.  When there’s someone on site handling day to day tasks, it’s much easier to increase return on investment, while not adding more work hours to your day.

Who Can Become an Onsite Property Manager?

The best onsite property managers are people who have a college degree and at least two years of experience in property management. They should be able to work independently, multitask, handle pressure well and communicate clearly with their clients. These qualities make them efficient at their job as well as great at solving problems when they arise.

Tips for Onsite Property Managers

The onsite property manager is the ‘business face’ of the owners. This work will be better done when the property manager is:

  • Honest and sincere with tenants, who need to trust them to have their best interests at heart.
  • Friendly and approachable, so tenants feel comfortable approaching them with any concerns or issues they may have.
  • Organized and punctual for tenants to know that they can rely on them to answer their concerns and requests in a timely manner.
  • A good communicator (both verbally and in writing), so that all parties involved understand their responsibilities clearly and expectations are set appropriately. After all, why leave anything up to chance?
  • Innovative and efficient, so they are always on their toes looking for ways to improve their work, cut on costs and raise profits. For example: Working with a suitable property management software instead of long and complicated excels or manual lists/ emails.

What is Property Management Software?

Property management software is a software application that helps manage the day-to-day operations of a rental property. Property managers use it to manage all facets of the property, including tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance requests and lease renewals.

Benefits of Property Management Software

Over the years, property managers increasingly evolved and produced better results for their owners with the help of property management software. The benefits of these software are numerous and include:

  • Maintenance management: Property managers can keep track of all maintenance requests in a single place, making it easier to track progress and schedule repairs.
  • Tenant screening: Property management companies have access to databases that allow them to perform thorough tenant screening before approving applicants. This helps eliminate the risk of renting to people who can’t pay the rent or cause damage to your building.
  • Marketing and advertising: Property manager software allows you to create advertisements that are tailored toward specific demographics or target areas (e.g., apartment complexes near colleges). With this information, you can ensure that every dollar spent on marketing is as efficient as possible by targeting those who need it most — and increase the likelihood that prospective tenants will contact you about available vacancies in their buildings.
  • Reporting and analytics: Property management software provides built-in reporting tools that allow tracking the status of all your properties in one place. This data can then be used to make informed decisions about how best to manage their properties.

Why Choose Pickspace as Your Property Management Software?

Pickspace ‘all in one’ property management software helps Maximize all aspects of property management by implementing a powerful and robust property management solution that helps keep everything on track while increasing profits and cutting out unnecessary costs.

Pickspace property management software has everything a modern property manager needs to succeed and manage properties on the highest level:

  • Maximize your space and profit – Uncovering unused spaces on the floor plan and utilizing them to maximize profits
  • Cloud based software – Keeping track of your assets performance from anywhere on mobile  and allow property managers remote access to all the data they need to succeed.
  • Automated almost anything – Saving on employee costs and reducing workload with our automated processes.
  • Track maintenance – Receiving maintenance requests and assigning them directly to a service provider, tracking progress and updating everyone when the issue is resolved.
  • Notifications on real time – Making sure everything is working according to plan and emerging issues are being resolved to tenant’s satisfaction.
  • White label APP – Branding your real estate business with your name and logo.
  • Reports on demand – Measuring success by generating customized reports on the asset’s performance.

Final Words

When choosing a property management company to manage your investment, you need to make sure that they’re the right fit for your needs. Onsite property managers are a great option for investors who want more hands-on attention from their property manager, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into before hiring onsite PMs.

If you want to make sure the property managers you hired are working with state of the art software that provides an effective yet easy to use property management solution, have them try Pickspace and upgrade your property management to a whole new level.

Join Pickspace and get the first 3 months for free. No strings attached. Book a demo now.

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