5 Tips to Transform Leadership in Property Management

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Earlier, the concept of Leadership was all about command. Leadership has evolved with time, and the idea has transformed into an employee-oriented approach. In property management, Leadership is imperative, and the role has become significant for employees’ productivity.

Property managers need to adopt a dual role as leaders and managers to ensure seamless operation in property management. As most organizations have moved to remote and hybrid work models, property managers must focus on Leadership.

Here are a few pieces of advice that property managers must follow to adopt the new-age leadership approach.

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Leadership Before Management

Property managers need to embrace leadership more than management in the current business scenario. Leaders are supposed to boost employee morale and motivate them for work. On the other hand, management is all about administering the tasks and managing the workflow.

Leadership and management go hand-in-hand, but there are a few key differences. While management is essential for seamless business operations, leadership is the backbone of employee behavior and performance. Property managers must appear as empathic leaders to manage their teams well.

Motivate To Empower

Leaders are responsible for motivating employees. Motivation acts as the driving factor for employee productivity. As the industries are progressing toward empathetic leadership, property managers must rethink their approach toward ‘motivation.’

Property managers must not ignore negative motivators such as penalties, public mocking, or escalation. These steps may lead to adverse effects. Instead, property managers must adopt a people-centric approach to leadership. For instance, praising employees or offering a conditional promotion/incentive can work well to motivate the employees.o

Lead By Example

Being a preacher and not following one’s preaching lowers a leader in employees’ perspective. Every employee follows a leader’s behavior. Hence, if a leader behaves precisely opposite their instructions, employees would follow the same. Therefore, practicing one’s instruction is crucial for every leader.

As a leader, you must act as per your vision. For instance, a leader must get on the field to work with the staff if their vision is to foster a collaborative workforce.

Give Up Excess Control

Would you like anyone breathing down your neck while you work? Nobody does. If you act like a manager poking your employees every minute, there is a high chance you will lose the employee.

The role of leadership is crucial to ensure employee retention and foster employee loyalty. Therefore, property managers must act like a leader and not managers.

Surrender Ego

Ego in leadership can harm the organization immensely. It is essential for leaders to let go of ego. When a leader gives up ego, he/she become open to ideas. It encourages employee participation in discussion thereby enabling you to explore a different perspective.

Surrendering your ego is the first step to embracing people-centric leadership. In the changing business landscape, organizations require good leaders to lead the employees towards a common goal. Therefore, a property manager must eliminate his ego while leading his employees. This is also a crucial step to foster teamwork that contributes to company success.


Leadership plays a significant role in driving success in any business. Property management has evolved over the last few years, relying more on technology. However, property managers must keep the human-centric approach to ensure employees can adapt and leverage technological aid optimally.

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