Property Management Challenges Vs Pickspace Unique Value Proposition

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As a modern property manager or landlord, in 2022, the overall goal is to run your business more effectively. To manage property business constructively, you will face many problems. As the best prop-tech company in the USA, we have closely analyzed those problems and resolved them with our software. Let’s see how Pickpsace solves those problems in just a few clicks


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All In One Solution

Lack of technological solutions that can support all of the workspace at the same time. The solution for a lot of different technologies to manage the day-to-day property management operation. Pickspace has a platform that consolidates every management aspect in one place, the solution for different types of spaces, the workspace, property management system require different technological abilities, customization, which is all present in Pickspace.


Real estate property owners and Co-working spaces need a lot of integration to manage property efficiently. They even need to decide what software to use according to the integrations they have. want to integrate everything like Printers, door access, meeting rooms, etc into one system .. Pickspace allows to integrate as many services as per the requirement. They can integrate QuickBooks, Zapier, Hubspot, KISI, Mailchimp, Google Calendar, and much more.


Real estate property owners and Coworking spaces want to automate as many things as possible to be profitable. They are looking to automate invoicing, payment processing, bookings, etc. This is something that Pickspace does with a very little learning curve.

Increase Profitability

Real estate property owners and Coworking spaces are always on the run looking for ways to increase their profitability, Pickspace allows the client to push fees directly to the tenant. It also provides the ability to offer a different type of business model. Clients that can bring in extra revenue streams without paying more for hardware or extra rooms. They are able to utilize what they already have to be able to use it as a new revenue stream. The third thing is by having a community side and making your members communicate with each other, it’s providing the sticky factor, which increases retention, which therefore creates is profitability, and of course, there’s a concierge concept and other concepts as well that provide more income streams.


Real estate property owners and Coworking spaces are always trying to look for customization and certain features, something that many competitors won’t do. The Pickspace team knows how to tailor the software to the max with a maximum procedure, to the needs of the business, expanding friendliness, the solution for businesses to be afraid of growth.


Due to the complexity and difficulty, Existing property management technology solutions have quite a long training process. This makes them need to find specific employees that now have experience in different software, and it’s a problem to keep training new employees for a process that should be easy and quick. Pickspace customer service is a top value and every business has a personal support executives to addresses all the needs of the business and the customer service person knows the business. They know what the issues are, they know the relationship and how to train and take care of issues.

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