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A unique automated Online Property Management software


1,554% of the minimum investment target

Investors so far

426 Investors


1,554% of the minimum investment target

Investors so far

426 Investors


Pickspace is a smart automatic software that redefines the world of real estate management, including payment clearings and service calls. Dovi Frances a well-known Israeli – “Shark Tank” and Philippe Bouaziz the Founder of Sarona Ventures both took part in its founding and are company board directors.

Pickspace platform is designed to increase property owners’ and managers’ profits by 20%. The company is currently active in the U.S, Canada, Europe, and Israel.

Real estate property holders designed Pickspace to transform the management of real estate properties: office buildings, malls, shopping centers, and residence buildings from 10 to 10,000 residential units. 

Pickspace customers are using the system daily to manage more than 11,000 real estate properties housing 22,000 renters worldwide. So far, approximately 50 million USD have been cleared in Pickspace’s clearing system with increased activity every month.

Since our last fundraising campaign, sales have increased by 600%, and despite difficulties created by the Covid-19 pandemic, our earnings have consistently grown over the recent year.

The company operates in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and Israel. The latest addition to our customer base is South Lake Mall – a large American client.

A number of leading American brands, including Macy’s, Footlocker, H&M, and more, have already started using Pickspace’s system and have seen a significant increase in earnings. Pickspace plans to begin operating in more branches of these companies after initial success.

Pickspace has recently started a specification project with a large Israeli real estate and retail company and is planning on implementing the system soon. This is a major breakthrough for the company in Israel.

Real estate tycoon Shalom Jacobs has begun working with the company. After examining the system and comparing it with our competitors, Jacobs has concluded that Pickspace is the best product in the market. He uses our system to manage his properties and has invested in the company.

This campaign ends the fundraising effort that has started with Jacobs’s investment and is meant to propel the company’s growth and expansion, specifically in Northern America.

In order to make our vision a reality, we have recruited the best minds in real estate. Amongst them are Eyal Regev, with 20 years of experience in the field, and Shaked Lavi – Born and raised in the United States. She has extensive experience in real estate property financial management and software design. Years of working in the field resulted in her deep understanding of the market’s needs, and she uses her knowledge to help make Pickspace the leading software in the American Market.

What makes Pickspace the leading platform on the market?

Pickspace’s mission is to increase profitability for property owners while making renters’ money worth more

  • Pickspace users report a 15-20% increase in income.

  • Pickspace’s technology identifies unused areas of the property, helping property owners maximize earnings.

  • Pickspace allows automatic collection of rent in pre-scheduled times.

  • Enables global transactions with different currencies.

  • The management company can publish amenities for rent (shops, storage spaces, conference rooms, etc.) from all its assets on one platform.

  • The system provides an infrastructure for developing dynamic communities – Pickspace communities help owners maximize earnings.

  • Pickspace is making sure properties are viable and worthy for renters. This unique advantage decreases leaving rates and tenant turnover. 

Our system was designed using the most advanced technology to ensure efficiency, speed, and simplicity:

  •   Pickspace features a simple and intuitive system for both management companies and renters.

  •   These advantages allow the quick transition from other software to Pickspace, which does not require hours of implementation classes and employee training.

  •   Pickspace houses a customization department that provides service to large clients, helping them with decision making, software transition, and implementation. The more customers use the system, the faster the process becomes every time.

  •   The system automatically connects to various other services: credit clearings, bank accounts, CRM centers, accounting, mailing platforms, printers, lease contract management systems, automatic doors, parking lots, and more.

The system allows regular communication between management companies/landlords and renters:

  • Renters can enjoy services provided by the management company in all assets under their management.

  • The system automatically sends complaints of malfunctions to professional repair services.

  • The system is adapted to flexible working and collecting hours – making it ideal for people who work from home or have a part-time job.

  • The company’s main aims are leading the world of real estate property management, preserving the current growth rate, and finally, a stock market IPO.

Why invest in Pickspace?

  • The market: This is an 8.5 billion USD market dealing with companies traded for billions of dollars in the stock market.

  • The potential: Pickspace is performing above expectations in its early stages, thanks to its high-quality system and the clear need of the market. We see great potential in expanding and targeting new markets.

  • The product: Pickspace enables users to increase their profits by 20%. One of our customers has reported making an extra 300,000 USD last year renting out “dead spaces” the system had identified on their property.

  • The team: Our team of experts includes investors experienced in propelling companies to great success.

  • Our clients: Our company has won the loyalty of our clients. Excluding businesses that closed during the Covid pandemic, no clients have ever stopped using our services. We operate a customization department to ensure clients get a personal and professional service.

  • Our performance: The company has steadily grown by 600% since our last fundraising campaign. Our consistent growth rate would allow us to reach our destination of a public launch in 7 years.

  • Timing: The company is growing rapidly. This is our last fundraising campaign before our most significant growth period. We are still considered a small company on the brink of a breakthrough.







The services provided by Pickspace:


  1. Communication between property owners/landlords and renters: Updates, repairs, community announcements, customer service, and more. Communication can be done over the system or via a smartphone app.

  2. Rent collection: An automatic system to manage all collection procedures, including vendors and service providers. The system produces receipts and saves time on collection and accounting.

  3. Property management and malfunction repair: The system allows receiving orders, payment, and service calls. When a tenant issues a complaint/request, the system automatically transfers it to the appropriate vendor, service provider, or company representative.

  4. Property owners and landlords can use the system to put external service providers in touch with renters: Dry cleaning, catering, conference rooms, cleaning services, and more.

  5. Community management: All asset users (a mall or office building, for example) would have the option to join a community and rent specific properties by the hour and on-demand. This feature increases profitability for landlords and encourages cooperation between community members.

  6. Automatic renting services to existing customers, such as storage rooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, etc., to increase incomes.

  7. Dashboard for real estate investors: Investors can enter the system at any time and keep track of the condition of their assets.

  8. Digital contract signing with vendors and service providers.

Our business model

Our business model, is based on charging a monthly fee for using the SAAS system, determined by the number of units managed. As of today, 11,000 units are managed using the system.

Charging a commission for payment clearings through the system. So far, over 50 million USD has been cleared through the system.

Goals and destinations

We aim to be at the forefront of digital real estate property management, maintain a steady growth rate, and keep up with the following timeline:

*For the full information regarding the offering company and the offer, please refer to the offer document


Once you have completed the investment process you should wait for the campaign to end. If the company reaches the capital raising target, ordinary shares will be registered on your behalf according to the amount of shares you have purchased. So, similarly, if you made a loan to a company - bonds will be registered on the trustee's name. The registration information will be in accordance with the details you have entered on your personal profile and it is therefore important to fill in full and accurate details. The listing means that if you purchased shares, you become part of the company's shareholders and partners. And if you made a loan to a company - you are entitled to receive from the company the loan sum you have placed, together with interest and linkage differentials (as applicable), in accordance with the terms of the bond and the campaign.

No, the investment is made at only one lump sum payment

No. The investment is only made via credit / wire transfer

Pipelbiz does not charge investors for management fees or percentages from profit. The business model of the company is based on fees charged to the capital raising companies. You as investors purchase the securities at a price that will be displayed in the campaign, plus a clearing fee by the credit company, or plus a bank transfer fee charged by the bank when you cancel an investment or return.

Unlike purchase of securities from another person (in the stock exchange, for instance), by purchase of securities from the company itself, as made possible by the Pipelbiz platform, investors' funds contribute to the company's growth and value creation. That is, investors actively choose the company in which they like to invest, and may affect its odds of success, and even to participate in its profits.
Exit on sale - is most common in startups and is executed on the sale of all of the company's shares or assets. Generally, exits occur when a large company is interested in what a startup has to offer, and thus acquires the activity of the company or the shares held by its shareholders.

Public IPO - -Similar to an exit event, in a case of Public IPO, profits can be realized. However, in the event of an IPO, the investor can continue to hold the shares and benefit from the growth of the company's value in the public market

Profit sharing -In some cases, companies that raise capital are profitable companies, and even adopt policies to distribute a certain percentage of the company's profits to shareholders, while maintaining a balance that the company will use for continued activities and growth . A small distribution of profits reduces the amount of money available to the company, but it is usually used to incentivize investors to invest in the company.

Each investment has different levels of risk, the same goes for investments in companies that are in early growth stages. The main risk is the failure of the company where consequently all investment money is lost. Financial liquidity is another risk factor, since even if the company succeeds, it sometimes takes a few years for investors to receive dividends or to sell their shares. For extended reading, the risk document can be viewed here


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