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Property Management Software

By transitioning from outdated systems and offering an easy-to-use, all-in-one property management software designed to meet the innovative demands of younger property managers, accountants, owners, landlords, and tenants.

Be ahead when the world follows. Join Pickspace towards a brighter, user-friendly future. Crafted by and for today's and tomorrow's property management landscape.

Shaping the Next Era of Real Estate Excellence

One Solution for All Type of Portfolio


Retail, Office, Industrial & more


Single & Multi-Family & more

Coworking Spaces

Flexible workstations and events

Self Storage

Units, Warehouse, containers & more

Student Housing

On and Off-Campus Housing

Shopping Centers

Overseeing Tenant, Maintenance

Our Journey and Vision:

Today, we are a beautiful SaaS Property Management Software solution. Our journey began as a marketplace for co-working spaces, evolving into a robust SaaS platform for the coworking industry in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed our expansion towards a more inclusive property management system, now encompassing residential, commercial, and multifamily properties with an all-in-one software that collects rent, and manages vendor and tenant communication. This strategic shift has diversified our portfolio and reinforced our resilience and adaptability in a dynamic market.

Our Visionary Leadership:

Unique Differentiators in the Market:

Feel the product yourself

Here is a link to explore (click on Login as Owner) to get to the Demo environment. We are super keen to push all forward to scale the company up and deep into the market. The Product is there, the market is huge, and we have the right leadership team to push forward.

Strategic Growth Plan:

The next funding round is for scaling our operations, focusing on enhancing our sales force and marketing efforts. Our goal is to solidify Pickspace’s position in the market, leveraging our current momentum to achieve rapid growth and profitability.

We are an early-stage startup. We are flexible regarding valuation to align with the right investor. So Far, we’ve raised $4M and developed outstanding software. We charge our clients annual fees ranging from $5k for small clients, $25k for medium clients, and $100k for larger clients. With all the necessary infrastructure in place for growth, We are looking to raise between $1 million and $5M to scale up our sales and market penetration.

Why Investors Trust Us?

During 2023, we experienced a remarkable 65% growth in our client base. This surge is a testament to our product’s efficacy and the untapped potential in property management software solutions. With substantial capital raised for product development, Pickspace stands at the cusp of revolutionizing property management with our advanced, user-friendly, and customizable software.

Real Estate Management Software Market

Goals and destinations:

We aim to be at the forefront of digital real estate property management, maintain a steady growth rate, and keep up with the following timeline:

Our business model:

Our business model, is based on charging a monthly fee for using the SAAS system, determined by the number of units managed. As of today, 11,000 units are managed using the system.

Charging a commission for payment clearings through the system. So far, over 50 million USD has been cleared through the system.

Compare with Other Software in Market:

Partnership Invitation:

Your expertise and investment in Pickspace will be pivotal in realizing our vision. I am looking forward to the possibility of working together to redefine property management software solutions.
Unlock unprecedented potential in real estate management – invest in Pickspace today.
With its innovative features and industry-leading capabilities, Pickspace promises a lucrative stake in the future of property management

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